Jack Dorsey New Social Media

Jack dorsey new social media , BlueSky app will bring new revolution in social media world. The man of talent and the inspiration to the world is nun other then Jack dorsey and he is back with his new comeback app Bluesky which is ready to capture world.  Jack not only built Twitter (a billion-dollar company that revolutionised communication), but also Square — another billion dollar company that has revolutionised the payment sector. Now his latest venture Blue sky is ready to capture the social media platform and give hard competition to other platform
At the age of 46 His net worth is 500 crores USD in year 2023, biggest asset SQ US Equity
Jack Dorsey New Social MediaJack Dorsey put down his roots in San Francisco long ago and his most recent purchase was a stunning house in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of $21million

Jack Dorsey Early age

His journey towards his career started in the early age of 14 by working occasionally as a fashion model and transforming his interest towards the dispatch routing and wrote dispatch software that is still used by some taxi companies. While working on dispatching as a programmer, he had the idea for a Web-based realtime status/short message communication service. This motivated him for working on twitter and prototype was prepared in two week and after that he never look back and success was behind him

Jack dorsey Achievements

Dorsey sent the first tweet (“just setting up my twttr”) on March 21, 2006, and the completed version of Twitter debuted in July 2006.
In 2009, entrepreneurs Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey created Square, Inc. (SQ), fulfilling their dream of creating technology capable of aggregating merchant services and mobile payments into a single, easy-to-use service.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey first announced the Bluesky initiative in 2019 on Twitter. The company’s Chief Technology Officer (and later CEO) Parag Agrawal was its manager, inviting initial working group members in early 2020. Is Now Officially in Beta, and has been Launched Although the app is only available as an invite-only beta, this likely signals that the public launch of the app is imminent. It is an initiatives to decentralized social network i.e giving people the tool they need to form their own communities.

Jack Dorsey New Social Media

Jack dorsey New social media

Bluesky has also been incorporated as a public benefit corporation in the United States, which means that in addition to profit, the company also recognises positive impact to society, workers, community and the environment as its legally defined goals.
In its initial avatar, Bluesky offers users a simple interface, where they can click a plus button to create a post of 256 characters, which can include photos. While Twitter asks “What’s happening?”, Bluesky asks “What’s up?”
Bluesky is not the only decentralised social media platform available in the market – many other platforms such as Mastedon, Steemit, and Minds are also trying to utilise blockchain technology to make a social media site that is more resistant to censorship than mainstream, centralised social media sites. Another benefit of a decentralised social media site is that it could offer users greater control of their data: which is why platforms like Mastedon have gained traction following Musk’s Twitter acquisition, as users left Twitter offended by Musk’s moderation policies to try decentralised platforms.
Dorsey the son of Tim and Marcia (née Smith) was born November 19, 1976, he had a comfortable childhood as his father was earning well as working for corporation manufacturing mass spectrometer and his mother was homemaker. A speech impediment as child kept him at home and he spent most of his time playing computer and listen to the police scanner. He was fascinated by the short burst of talking used by law enforcement and emergency personnel which was inspiration for microblogging social network
He is practical and loves to build things, passion of reading and learning new things are part of self education for Dorsey. He is firm, confident and real when he speaks about leadership. Jack values his freedom and hates the feeling of being tied down or controlled

Jack Dorsey New social Media Bluesky app is currently in the testing phase and can be found on the Apple App Store. Users can now download the Bluesky app from Apple’s app store but must have an invitation code to make an account.

Jack Dorsey Awards .

He was been honored for his work number of times and collected lots of award
• In 2008, he was named to the MIT Technology ReviewTR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.
• In 2012, The Wall Street Journalgave him the “Innovator of the Year Award” for technology.
• At the 5th Annual Crunchies Awards in 2012, hosted by TechCrunch, Dorsey was named Founder of the Year.
• In 2013, he was considered by Forbesthe world’s most eligible bachelor.
• Dorsey was ranked by Fox Businesses the #4 Worst CEO of 2016, citing stagnant growth, falling stock prices, and his part-time commitment to Twitter.
• In 2017, 24/7 Wall St.listed Dorsey among the 20 Worst CEOs in America

Jack Dorsey Contribution for underprivileged

He has never denied serving community and supporting underprivileged “life is too short, so let’s do everything we can today everything we can today to help people now.” Dorsey says UBI and women’s health and education “represent the best long-term solutions to the existential problems facing the world,”,
Through StartSmall Initiative he gave $3 million to educate girls in remote villages across Africa.
He donated for covid relief and time to time support the underprivileged society

Motivational Quotes by Jack Dorsey

“You can worry about the competition…or you can focus on what’s ahead of you and drive fast.”
“A founder is not a job, it’s a role, an attitude. And it’s something that can happen again and again and again, and in fact it has to happen again and again and again, otherwise we would not move forward.”
“You don’t have to start from scratch to do something interesting.”
“The greatest lesson that I learned in all of this is that you have to start. Start now, start here, and start small. Keep it Simple.”

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Q1. What is Jack Dorsey New Social Media Bluesky app?                                                                 A1  Its is a decentralised social media platform

Q2. Who is behind Bluesky?                                                                                                             A2 Jack dorsey the co-founder of twitter is behind Bluesky app

Q3. Will Jack Dorsey New social Media app Bluesky be like Twitter?                                                A3 Jack Dorsey New social Media app Bluesky is also asocial media app but like twitter and other it is not going to be centralised it is decentralized social media platform.

Q4. What are Jack Dorsey New social Media Bluesky app concepts?                                              A4 Its is based on core concept of decentralization of social media platform.

Q5. Does Apple use Jack Dorsey New social Media app Bluesky thinking?                                      A5 Blue sky works with though of creativity and new innovation which Apple also apply.

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