k krithivasan TCS, New CEO

In a major leadership change, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced the appointment of K. Krithivasan as its new CEO, following the resignation of long-serving CEO Rajesh Gopinathan. Gopinathan, who has held the post for an impressive 22 years, will continue to support the company until September 15, 2023. With K Krithivasan’s vast experience and expertise in the industry, TCS is well poised to continue its growth trajectory and maintain its position as a leader in the IT services space. Learn more about the K krithivasan tcs CEO and his plans for the company in this article.

K Krithivasan TCS new ceo

About Global Head K Krithivasan TCS

  1. Krithivasan, the newly appointed CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has been serving as the President and Global Head of the company for some time now. He has also been heading the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) Business Unit at TCS
  2. K Krithivasan tcs head has primary responsibility at TCS is to devise and implement various growth strategies, with a focus on improving the company’s financial performance. He also plays a crucial role in market positioning and enhancing customer mindshare.

Over the years, k Krithivasan tcs head, has assisted several key clients in achieving value beyond cost optimization, by leading them through digital transformation and helping them set up effective IT program governance.

K Krithivasan tcs head  brings with him decades of experience in the IT industry and a deep understanding of the market. His appointment as the new CEO of TCS is expected to further strengthen the company’s position as a leader in the IT services space.

With K Krithivasan tcs head at the helm, TCS is likely to continue its focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and delivering value to its clients. His leadership is expected to drive the company’s growth and expansion plans in the coming years.

   K Krithivasan TCS Head Global IT Career

  1. K Krithivasan, the newly appointed CEO of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has had a remarkable career in the IT services industry spanning over 30 years. He has held multiple positions in relationship management, sales, delivery, and large program management, gaining extensive experience in the industry.

K Krithivasan tcs head extensive experience and leadership skills have earned him a place on the Board of Directors of TCS Iberoamerica, TCS Ireland, and the supervisory board of TCS Technology Solutions AG.

As the new CEO of TCS, Krithivasan is expected to bring his wealth of experience and deep understanding of the company’s operations and culture to further strengthen its position as a leader in the IT services space. Under his leadership, TCS is likely to continue its focus on innovation, customer-centricity, and delivering value to its clients.

K. Krithivasan TCS New CEO

K Krithivasan TCS head  personal life    

K Krithivasan born in 1965-1972 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and currently he is based in Tamil Naidu with his wife and children K Krithivasan is a Tamilian and he speaks Tamil, English, and Hindi. K Krithivasan’s occupation is the CEO of TCS.

K Krithivasan has Indian Nationality and citizenship and he is of South Indian descent he has Indian Ethnicity and was born and raised in a Hindu family with Hindu values.

K Krithivasan was raised with his brother and sister but he hasn’t revealed his parents and siblings names.

K Krithivasan TCS Head Net Worth and Salary 

K Krithivasan’s net worth is around Rs 50 crores as of 2023 because he was getting around Rs 4.3 crore in 2018-19.As of 2021-2022, his salary might get increased to nearly ₹5 crores so we are just calculating his income on the basis of his experience. K Krithivasan’s total income is over Rs 43 cores.

K Krithivasan Education

K Krithivasan TCS Head,  holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Madras and a Master’s degree in Industrial and Management Engineering from IIT Kanpur. He joined TCS in 1989 and has been actively involved in the global technology sector for nearly 34 years

K Krithivasan TCS Head, started studying at E R Higher Secondary School in 1975 and completed his SSLC in 1981 before that he attended a primary school in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and for his engineering studies. He attended Coimbatore Institute of Technology and studied B E Mechanical Engineering from 1981 to 1985.

After completing engineering K Krithivasan went on to study Mtech Industrial and management engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur from 1986 to 1987. Later K Krithivasan attended Harvard Business School

Interesting Facts About K Krithivasan

K Krithivasan first joined the TCS in 1989

Krithivasan is the oldest CEOs to assume the role in the ITES space

He is clam and firm leader according to his colleagues and friends

He describes himself as religious person rather than a spiritual one

His favourite past time is reading and running. Over last 2-3 years he has been taking an intensive Sanskrit course.

He enjoys spending time with his close friends and family  

K Krithivasan is also serving as a member of the Board of Directors of TCS Ireland, TCS Iberoamerica, and also the supervisory board of TCS Technology Solutions

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Ques 1-Who is K Krithivasan ?

Ans1- K Krithivasan is an Indian Business Executive and he is the CEO of TCS. K Krithivasan’s real name is Krithi Krithivasan.

Que 2 K Krithivasan replaced whom?

Ans 2 K Krithivasan replaced Rajesh Gopinathan

Que 3 How Old Is K Krithivasan?

Ans 3 K Krithivasan is 50-57 years Old.

Que 4 Where Is K Krithivasan from?

Ans 4 K Krithivasan is from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Ques5 K Krithivasan social media Platform

Ans @Linkedin, 


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